I invite you to join us for Faithbuilders, a class that builds faith on the foundational truths of the Bible: Sin, Grace, Faith, and Works.

  • Learn for the first time, or rediscover God’s grace.

  • Find comfort and community with fellow Christians.

  • Get the fresh start you are looking for.

Faithbuilders is a weekly class I teach that studies God’s Word without man’s opinion. You’ll find rest in the immeasurable mercy of God and build faith. You’ll also be able to ask any question you want – seriously! – and find answers in the Bible.

We would love to be your church home!

Please join us for our first class, Monday September 24th @ 7pm. Please reach out if you have any questions.


  • Monday nights from 7pm – 8pm, beginning 9/24.

  • Pastor led group study @ Abiding Faith Lutheran

  • Free childcare provided upon request.


Free Counseling

Experienced, Christian, Certified Pastor for free counseling.

Pastor Schleis has counseled individuals and families with marriage, family, and addiction issues with over 1000 hours and hundreds of families served. He has found many don't know how God's Word applies to the hurts, divisions, and difficulties in our lives, and it is his privilege to bring God's Word to help you.

This is a completely free service offered by Abiding Faith Lutheran Church. All appointments are 100% free. Really.

Contact him at Keith.a.Schleis@gmail.com or 615.220.9258 to set up an appointment.

Grill Kings Men's Ministry

God. Grub. Guys.

What is it?
Grill Kings is an informal opportunity for men to gather around the grill and talk about their lives in the Light of God’s Word while enjoying some delicious grub.

Grill Kings is a place for men by men to address the issues men face:
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Managing Expectations
  • Marriage and Family
  • Male Leadership
  • Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health
How does it go?
Grill Kings meets for 2 hours on a Saturday night. We begin with 30 minutes of fellowship and mingling, followed by a demonstration of grilling practices of the food (steak, chicken, pork, vegetables, etc) our host has prepared.

After the demonstration and the meal, we’ll join for Bible study on the appointed topic. You’ll receive a bookmark to take that topic home with you.

What do I bring?
  • A friend
  • $5 for the host to reimburse him for meat/sides
  • Beverages to share
  • Bible (if you don’t have one, we’ll have extra!)

Next Time?
Check our Facebook  for more information about the next gathering or email Pastor Schleis.

Christian Support Group - Tuesday Nights

When we come to church, we put on nice clothes, big smiles, and offer warm handshakes.
Get home, though, and Christians still struggle with:
  • Anxiety
  • Childhood Abuse
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Social Anxiety
  • Sobriety
  • Substance Abuse
  • Worry

We have formed a Christian Support Group called RESILIENT for those who struggle with these or other issues. We have male and female leaders to help Group members find strength in the Word and the community of believers.

There are many Support and Recovery Groups out there – but only RESILIENT is (1) based entirely on God’s Word (2) taught and led by fellow sinners who are not perfect but need God’s help daily and (3) doesn’t burden with guilt but places grace on the shoulders of those who struggle.

RESILIENT was created by Dr. Jason Jonker, a recovering addict with over 20 years clinical experience as a counselor helping people with mental, marital, physical, and other issues.

Rest in Jesus and His Care
Express My Need for Jesus
Seek God’s Presence Power
Imagine Freedom in Christ
Live Transparently by Owning My Sin
Invite Jesus to Change Me
Exalt Jesus Above All Things
Neutralize Temptation through Meditation on God’s Word
Tell Others What God Has Done For You

Check out our Facebook for our next meeting, or contact Pastor Schleis for more details.