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Do you carry around guilt and shame?

American’s leading Psychology Professor believes that guilt & shame are good for you – they motivate you to better behavior.
• Do you enjoy feeling guilty?
• Do you relish recalling your shame?
• Would you like people to use your past against you every day?

We all feel guilt and shame daily, but we need better solutions than being shamed & guilted into good behavior. We need our shame and guilt removed… and only God can do that. Sunday we join Isaiah in the throne room of God to confess our guilt and shame, and be purified. We join the angels in Heaven singing praises to our Triune God for not guilting or shaming us, but purifying us!

Worship Options: Live @ 9:15 or Stream @ 10:30 on YouTube or Facebook

We would love to pray for you!

God wants us to pray to him, and he promises to answer every one of our prayers. Let us pray for you!