Livestream Worship

Is our world getting darker?

Satanic shoes, TikTok witchcraft, and demonic possession are praised in the media and rising in our culture. As the old hymn goes – we are strangers here, Heaven is our home. And as this world gets darker and darker, we seek the Light. We walk away from the darkness.

We confess we are not of this world and we are not here to fix the darkness, but flee. Today Jesus’ encouraging message of light in darkening world comforts us as the darkness seemingly grows that the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, calls us to just walk away.  

Worship Options: Live @ 9:15 or Stream @ 10:30 on YouTube or Facebook

We would love to pray for you!

God wants us to pray to him, and he promises to answer every one of our prayers. Let us pray for you!