Statement of Faith

When we come to church, we put on nice clothes, big smiles, and offer warm handshakes. Get home, though, and Christians still struggle with anxiety, childhood abuse, depression, grief, social anxiety, sobriety, substance abuse, and worry.

We have formed a Christian Support Group called RESILIENT for those who struggle with these or other issues. We have male and female leaders to help Group members find strength in the Word and the community of believers.There are many Support and Recovery Groups out there – but only RESILIENT is (1) based entirely on God’s Word (2) taught and led by fellow sinners who are not perfect but need God’s help daily and (3) doesn’t burden with guilt but places grace on the shoulders of those who struggle.

RESILIENT was created by Jason Jonker, a recovering addict with over 20 years clinical experience as a counselor helping people with mental, marital, physical, and other issues.

Rest in Jesus and His Care

Express My Need for Jesus

Seek God’s Presence Power

Imagine Freedom in Christ

Live Transparently by Owning My Sin

Invite Jesus to Change Me

Exalt Jesus Above All Things

Neutralize Temptation through Meditation on God’s Word

Tell Others What God Has Done For You

Group meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, 7pm -8pm.

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We would love to pray for you!

God wants us to pray to him, and he promises to answer every one of our prayers. Let us pray for you!